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Employment Details                                     Sept-Dec 2012               Jan-April 2013

Employable age                                           15-64                             15-64

Unemployment %                                          24.9                               25.2

Number of discouraged work seekers          73 000                            2 300 000

% Increase of discouraged work seekers                                           36.7

Employment                                               14 000 000                      13 6000 000

Employment %                                           44.7                                   41                         

Formal sector % decrease                                                                  0.3             

Informal sector % decrease                                                                 0.6

The retail and wholesale trade job losses                                           66 000


Stats SA’s official definition of unemployment is someone aged between 15 and 64 and without work in the week preceding the interview, but who looks for work and is available to take up employment or open a business. This took the country’s official unemployment to 25.2 % from 24.9 % in the fourth quarter of 2012, Stats SA said in its Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS). The number of discouraged work seekers increased by 73,000 to 2.3m between the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. In the expanded definition of unemployment, which includes people who have stopped looking for work, the rate was 36.7 percent in the first quarter of 2013, the highest since 2008. The retail and wholesale trade sector lost 66 000 jobs between the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. The formal sector contracted by 0.3 percent (25 000 jobs) and the informal sectors by and 0.6 percent (13 000 jobs) between the fourth quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. The proportion of employed people in the working age population (absorption rate) decreased from 44.7 percent in the first quarter of 2008 to 41 percent in the first quarter of 2013.

Migress Ngumuya (Monash University South Africa)

Rampant robberies manifest around Monash

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Rampant robberies manifest around Monash


Students have no refugee from external robbers




Monash University South Africa has been under attacks since 2011 from external robbers who deprived many students of their belongings. Honey-Park, to be referred to as Residence 7 hereinafter is one of Monash University South Africa student residences.  It became the first residential quarter to be invaded two years ago by robbers thereby triggering an inflow of thugs around student residences. Recent reports account that one of the houses at Honey Park again got invaded early in the morning today following a scathing attack at Residence 6 last week. These unlawful entry into premises have left the residents deprived of valuable asserts and have made the inmates victims of grievous bodily harms. Rape cases also have been reported as having had happened at gun points.

The school administration has been promising some improvements on the security sectors but to no avail.  Late last year, the University announced it would introduce several new on-campus security initiatives like armed Security response and perimeter patrols. Some of the South African police personnel were made to reside within some of the student residential quarters like Honey-Park in a bid to stop the prevailing intrusions. Patrols by the South African Police services have not been seen for a while around the residential places. The school has been promising to introduce auto-locking doors to all campus residences and this has not been pragmatic.  There have been some claims that CCTV cameras were installed around the vicinity but no leads as to whom the invaders are have been recorded so far.

Kudzai Madya, a third year student at Monash University South Africa commented that “the security is not helping and performing as expected” thereby expressing mistrust in them. “They are not competent” she added. One of the security members at Rosewood complexes postulated that “The security should know how to protect and we should not allow anything to pass through the gate without checking” That was a comment after his area of jurisdiction has been safe for nearly two years since the 2011 attacks. Students around the compass have been seen demonstrating over security incompetence and many suggested that they should be issued with firearms to tally the armed robbers.

The continual scathing attacks on students are believed to be emanating from surrounding neighborhoods such as Zandspruit which has been reported by Mo Radio as crime infested due to skyrocketing unemployment. The people do not have descent accommodation and most of them live from hand to mouth which makes the students vulnerable from the hungry populace. The South African Police has been unhelpful in many circumstances such that the general people no longer have trust in them. The broader context of personal security in South Africa is controversial whereby people get victimized in broad daylights with no help from bystanders. This has made Johannesburg to appear in many travel guides as one of the most dangerous places to be in the world.

The South African government should provide maximum training for the police which must not be in any way proportional to the skills of offenders but above to tackle contemporary South African crime rates. Increasing salaries to the law enforcement agents also would motivate them to meet their service charters thereby performing as they are expected of by the public.

Migress Ngumuya

(Monash University South Africa)

Depression on Campus

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University is a stressful time, and depression is common among students

University is a stressful time, and depression is common among students


Depression is a combination of several different issues. Depression is a medical disease, caused by a neurochemical or hormonal imbalance also Depression is caused by certain styles of thinking, but what we need to understand is that depression is not a disease One of the lecturers Roy, he included that students have dropped out of a unit when they begging to suffer from depression. Some students find it hard to cope which then leads to stress. Students at Monash University have admitted of dropping out of a unit because they felt that it was just hard, Roy also believes its simply related to students who find them self’s misplaced in terms of where they are at their personal assessment and in terms of what they can do and what they are expected to do in a unit.

Assistance is provided to the student’s one lecturer says, but they do not make use of it, maybe they are not well informed about the help that is being offered to them or Sometimes they feel like they big enough to handle themselves.

After asking students how they manage their social life with class assignments they said,

“ Its really hard trying to manage your time especially when you want to spend the weekend with your girls, I sometimes get very depressed emotionally that is, like I what to go out and party but then I find myself in my room doing my assignments while everybody is busy having fun” But I would also add that it’s very hard trying to balance class work and social life, but at the end of the day I always seem to get it done.”

Depression has risen in the university student life and New research shows that university student with depression are twice as lucky as their fellow students to drop out of university, most students at monash have thought of dropping out of university. A student once committed suicide because they work was so much and she could not handle it, it might have been she never got the support she needed or she felt ending her life was much easier.  Lake Michigan College in the United States showed 5percent of students drop out of university due to depression. Depression is seen as one of the greatest problems and killer of our time.




Careless driver make people anguish over water

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Careless driver makes people anguish over water


A carefree driver found his way right through the water pipes  and made people go without water for some days.


Honeypark  has been without water since yesterday morning as caused by a careless driver who bumped into the water main pipes. Two of the Monash University South Africa residences that have been identified as Rosewood and Redwood today are under stressful conditions without a drop of water from one of their tapes. A careless driver is reported to have bumped into a main water pipeline outside the main gates and caused a short circuit over the water running channels. The pipeline got damaged and water started gushing out and flooded the entire vicinity. Students woke up early in the morning and could hardly prepare for school without the fundamental resource that has been tempered with. “It is a mess staying without water in our quarters and we have no idea when this is going to be rectified since it is a holiday”, claimed Portia Nzizi, a third year student at Monash University South Africa Campus. Security personnel by the gate could not manage to identify the culprit claiming that it was in the middle of the night and the driver should have been drunk. The still at large driver is believed to have turned the car right round after hitting the far away water pipes. “He knew that he would be held liable for maintaining the water pipes so he decided to run away” said Bruce Maphosa from Sage Wood complexes, a neighbour to the affected students. This incident affected students to the extent of borrowing water from nearby hoods for the whole day if not more. The situation was exacerbated by the Easter holiday which could not allow the maintenance team to be conducted with less difficulty. One of the students claimed, “We are for the mean time as good as militants on their counter insurgency training sessions”. Some of the students even doubted the responsible maintenance team claiming that they are always slow to react even when it is not on holidays.

Migress Ngumuya

Monash University South Africa (Johannesburg)

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